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In conjunction with dietary guidance, Chinese herbal therapy is a powerful resource for restoring health and enhancing longevity, even alleviating pain. Guided by the thousands of years of research, Chinese Medicine has culminated an extensive pharmaecopia of herbal remedies to serve many purposes. Each Luna Apothecary herbal formulation is mindfully crafted to tailor it's medicinal actions to your individual needs.

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Luna Acupuncture & Apothecary is devoted to sharing our passion and providing education to our patients. Follow our blog to learn more about herbs through our featured herb of the month and informative posts regarding the seasonal use of herbs for everlasting health. Stay tuned for updates where we will offer in-house workshops and educational meetings to empower you on your journey. 


Luna Acupuncture & Apothecary Herbal Preparations

Not all herbal preparations are created equal. That is why Luna Apothecary hand-crafts our own small-batch herbal formulations in tincture form. Throughout the ages Chinese Herbal Preparations rely heavily on the brewing of herbs in decoction form, simply a double-brewed tea. In today's world many do not have the time to devote to preparing these time-consuming yet powerful teas. This is why we developed our own line of tinctures. Tinctures are alcohol extractions that can be taken anywhere, and are ready to use. 

In addition, many are concerned with the source of these herbs. This is another reason Luna Apothecary creates our formulations from reputable sources that test the quality and integrity of all of our herbs for any heavy-metal or pesticide residues, seeking out organic suppliers with good manufacturing processes and testing.