Luna Acupuncture & Apothecary Services & Pricing 

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Acupuncture: Initial Patient Consultation (90 min.) : $110
Acupuncture Follow Up Treatment (60 min.): $75
Acupuncture Treatment Package (4 Treatment Package, Savings of 10%): $270
Acupuncture Treatment Package: (6 Treatment package, Savings of 15%) : $383
Acupuncture Treatment Package: (10 Treatment package, Savings of 20%) : $600
Herbal Consultation : $45
Cupping Therapy (30 min.): $35




Acupuncture is the method of inserting fine filiform needles strategically on the body to elicit a biomedical response to treat pain, digestive problems, inflammation, hormonal imbalance, sleep disorders and many other health dysfunctions. When the appropriate treatment is administered properly, a profound effect on your body's natural inclination to repair and restore is put into action.


Herbal Therapy

Chinese herbal therapy is a powerful resource for restoring health and enhancing longevity, alleviating pain, relieving symptoms of allergies and colds, supporting fertility and many more applications.  Guided by the thousands of years of research, Chinese Medicine has culminated an extensive pharmaecopia of herbal remedies to serve many purposes. 



Cupping therapy is the process of utilizing a flash of heat with therapeutic glass cups to create a negative pressure effect. The cups are applied on strategic points of the body, either stationary or sliding, releasing muscle tension and promoting blood circulation through mild suction.  



Moxibustion therapy involves the smoldering of particular herbs, most commonly, Mugwort (Artemis vulgaris). This thermal therapy is effective for many applications: joint pain caused by cold or damp weather, menstrual cramping, digestive deficiencies, nausea and other imbalances caused by cold and damp stagnations in the body.  

Acupuncture Services & Pricing